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15 Video Tutorial Adobe Photoshop Oktober 6, 2008

Posted by okihelfiska in 2D Graphic, Video Training.
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Mau belajar Photoshop lewat Video ? Simak aja Videonya.

  • Smart Filters
    Using smart filters to soften the skin of your subject gives you the ability to retouch your image while maintaining flexibility.
  • Basic Beauty
    Learn the absolute basics of beauty retouching in Photoshop.
  • Beauty Saloon
    Skin retouching with Photoshop.
  • Model Beauty
    Speed revision of a model beauty.
  • Natural to Synthetic
    Extremly makeover of a photo of Amy Lee from Evanescence.
  • Gossip Girl
  • Magic
    The fast way to loosing weight.
  • Pretty
    A little time and effort can do a lot.
  • Extreme
    A really nice Photoshop Makeover.
  • Pretty face
    Another Makeover.
  • Evolution
    An evolution of a model.
  • Proof
    Proof that you can in fact create top beauty images with a point and shoot camera.
  • Model job
    Great digital makeup in photoshop.


1. ith0ught - Juli 15, 2010

Nice Post! Do you wanna know and learn how this edits are done?
For those who’d like to achieve a real flawless look you might find this post very helpful

for simple DIY photo retouches. Doing make ups, making flabs dissapear, losing eyebags and wrinkles.. I’ll be having all the tuts posted on my blog.

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